Preview Francesca Woodman
With great pleasure we invite members of Foam Fund and Club Foam for an exclusive preview of the exhibition Francesca Woodman. On Being an Angel on Wednesday, December 16th.

Foam ends 2015 with a retrospective exhibition featuring works from the exceptional oeuvre of American photographer Francesca Woodman (1958–1981).
The most significant subject in Francesca Woodman’s work was Francesca Woodman herself. She used photography as an extremely personal means of expression, as if wearing her skin inside out. Her photographs were shown in a number of major international exhibitions and they have inspired artists all over the world.
Before committing suicide at the age of twenty-two, Woodman explored themes such as gender, representation, sexuality and corporality. Her oeuvre consists of a large number of self-portraits. A striking aspect of her work is that she is either explicitly naked, or in contrast, attempts to hide her body: squeezed into a cupboard, behind the wallpaper, wrapped in plastic or material, or in a shroud of movement. She photographs herself in interiors punctuated by evidence of decay. Even when other people feature in Woodman’s photographs, they function purely as a stand-in for the artist. Woodman’s photographs showcase a range of symbolist and surrealist influences, and in many cases they evoke oppressive feelings.

During the preview curator Anna Tellgren of Moderna Museet gives an introduction to the exhibition and Foam curator Kim Knoppers will give a guided tour.
This preview is exclusively for Foam Fund and Club Foam members and takes place from 18:30 to 21:00 hrs.

The exhibition Francesca Woodman. On Being an Angel opens on Thursday, December 17th and will run until March 9th, 2016.

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Preview Francesca Woodman