Presentation Riso Magazine
On Thursday 6 June, Annegien van Doorn will present the Riso Magazine Kids' Stuff at Foam Editions.

Annegien van Doorn has made the annual portraits that Club Foam members received as a gift during the Club Foam Dinner 2016. She has now processed a number of them in a Riso Magazine that she will present during a special evening at Foam Editions. 

During a Q&A, the artist will explain the Magazine and the technique that the risograph print entails. Van Doorn is fascinated by the obvious and pays attention to seemingly meaningless situations. By isolating, manipulating and enlarging small events, she transforms everyday situations. The presentation runs until 19.30 hrs and Foam & Foam Café are open until 21.00 hrs. You can book a spot here

Riso Magazine Kids' Stuff, 2019 © Annegien van Doorn

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Presentation Riso Magazine