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The exhibition <a href="/museum/programma/magnum-contact-sheets">Magnum Contact Sheets</a> is currently on view at Foam. The exhibition shows the magic surrounding the all-encompassing &lsquo;decisive moment&rsquo; and how iconic images come to exist.

Every Saturday afternoon in October, from 13.00 to 15.00, visitors can have their portraits shot in the format of contact sheets.

Left: Visitor contact sheet made at Fotostudio Foam. Right: Margaret Thatcher. Blackpool, England. 1981. Contact Sheet © Peter Marlow / Magnum Photos

For each visitor our photographer shoots a series of full portraits that are then processed as a single contact sheet. The final contact sheet is made available digitally as a memento of your visit to Foam. On Saturday, October 24th Photo Studio Foam is open all day.

Magnum Contact Sheets shows original contact sheets as insight into the work of some of the world's most famous photojournalists. The contact sheets show the moments before and after taking that one iconic photo.

This is how Magnum photographer Peter Marlow shot his entire filmroll during the speech of Thatcher in Blackpool, hoping that the perfect shot would be captured for the international edition of Newsweek. Which one of your photos would be cover worthy?

The presentation in Foam offers insight into the socio-political context of the photos and the general history of photo journalism as well as the origin of the photos. Subjects range from reportages of WOII, Prague Spring, icons such as Che Guevara, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to the Balkan Wars and conflict in the Middle East.

In Contact Sheets the legendary agency Magnum Photos (established in 1947) shows for the first time the circumstances in which images by these photographers were created. Not only the moments before and after taking that one iconic photo are on show, but also the photographer’s notes, marking that decisive moment on the sheet, often long after the photo was shot.

Fotostudio Foam is realised with the support of Olympus.

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