OthersMother Song
To finish the exhibition Night Soil on a high note, Melanie Bonajo presents OthersMother Song, an exclusive and intimate evening with performances by Splitter Splatter, Pussy Tutorials and Z▲Z▲Z◎Z◎.

Here is a little OthersMother Word from Melanie Bonajo to get you in the mood for the evening:

Don’t plan to leave the nest of the Earth. Others are mothers that have feathers and hair or none at all. Take a deep leap in to her space when you were a child in the murky waters of babylon pretending you knew what was what, but truly all was cloud formations disguised as milky butter cakes. The monkey teases your head and thoughts turn into a playgrounds of eyepatched wanderers and spiritual creatures that play cosmic songs of the universe. Dance. Before you went deaf you’d play them as if you’d play with your food, toys babies, cars, everything is possible when you go fast, go faster, blast through it, be naked, extend your tailbone, lift your pentacles tickle the other side van upside down. Together we live like creatures of the faraway places, but we all belong to a belly. Can we all just get along, sing a song, ding ding dong, you are what you is, come back into my home and be a pet, stroke my fingers and feel everything. Melt in to me find the portal in my body crawl through it, sniff me, lick me, the soil beneath a breath another breath, a breath is what is taken when the ribcage opens to the tricky business of feeling the world after this watery world inside the belly of a mother, where do we go from here? This pain of breathing, this pain of feeling, these sensations are unbearably loud. Inside a laugh you find a treasure hidden in arms of the inner sanctum of existence it is here, it is there, it is elsewhere. Going back in to the belly ocean, we take it by the minister and rest for a while, before it is showtime.

Splitter Splatter

Splitter Splatter is an experimental music duo consisting of Dutch native, Iekeliene Stange and L.A. based musician/artist Tim Koh. Their music is inspired by the fluidity of nature, ritual chants and unconventional techniques in pop song craft which reach a pinnacle of inspired results. Using the voice as instrument, they are free from the bounding limitations of conventional instrumentation usually created in popular music. Splitter Splatter currently lives and works in Amsterdam. 

Izabella Finch a.k.a Priestess Pussilicious, explores new-trends of female self-empowerment, stories of sexual awakening, menstral painting and ovulation mania; the contemporary woman's dilema of attaining holistic spiritual growth and studying eco-feminism, while dating men who watch porn, facing her everyday Mooncup(R) realities and making yoguart from her yeasty vajajay. This enticing performer smoothly weaves together dynamic youtube-style skecthes, witty self-composed songs with active audience interactions, to create an empassioned comedy-cabaret. She entertains, informs, shocks and pleasures her audience till the Capitalist-Patriarchy melts into coconut oil lube-to be drenched over the gigantic Pussy of the Universal-Mother who writhes in organismic fever on stage. Hallelujah!

ZaZaZoZo is a musical institution for the unrepresented, using music as protection against the fantasies of the dominating group. Initiated by artists Melanie Bonajo and Joseph Marzolla the duo released their first album ‘INUA’, which was recorded during the winter, in an isolated village of East Greenland. Their music and performances are inspired by alogical perceptive systems and places unpierced by human thoughts. Speaking landscapes and absence of history, songs of ghosts and animal spirits, erosion of the ethno-spheres, extinct feelings, fear of silence, intimacy to nature and death, five gender spectrum, unrevealed yet perceivable parallel universes, like the spirit of INUA. 

Since 2012 Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo, who lives and works between Amsterdam and New York, has been working on the Night Soil trilogy. The series explores trends outside sociological and political norms of consumer society, most of them illegal. Next Level: Melanie Bonajo – Night Soil is the first major solo museum exhibition bringing together all three video works. The exhibition is on show in Foam until 7 December.

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Next Level: Melanie Bonajo - Night Soil is made possible thanks to Ammodo, the Mondriaan Fund and the Dommering Foundation. We would like to thank Stichting Foam Friends and Foam Fund for their generous support of this exhibition.

The exhibition design is realised by Clemence Seilles and Theo Demans. Melanie Bonajo is represented by AKINCI, Amterdam.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Delta Lloyd, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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OthersMother Song