✯ Opening Party ✯
On Thursday 13 September, you are invited for the Opening Party of Loading... Works from the Foam Collection and Double Enclosure by Paul Mpagi Sepuya.

Join us for an evening of drinks and music where you will have the chance to mingle with Paul Mpagi Sepuya and artists from the Foam Collection, including Awoiska van der Molen, Anouk Kruithof, Jean-Vincent Simonet and many others. 

Stroll the galleries with a glass of bubbly and contemplate Foam's growing collection, which is solely focused on contemporary photography. Why were these works selected for the collection? What do they say about the latest developments in photography? Come find out for yourself during this one-time celebration of photography's perpetually evolving nature. 

Want a more intimate tête-à-tête with the artists and curators? Then join Club Foam or Foam Fund and gain exclusive access to the Meet & Greet earlier that evening.


Portrait with a Yellow Window, 2011 © Daniel Gordon / Courtesy of Wallspace New York (detail)

In 2014, Foam presented to the public work from its own collection for the first time, in the exhibition Reflected - Works from the Foam Collection. Since then, the collection has grown from over 400 to around 550 works of art. The collection – which is focused solely on contemporary photography – is still constantly developing. Loading… Works from the Foam Collection shows a selection of the most recent additions from the last five years. It features work from 30 international photographers in a diverse exhibition that reflects Foam’s exhibition programme. 

The exhibition is on view until 18 November.

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Mirror Study (_Q5A2059), 2016 © Paul Mpagi Sepuya (detail)

Foam presents the first solo exhibition by Paul Mpagi Sepuya (born 1982, USA) in Europe. In his exhibition Double Enclosure, Sepuya enters into a dialogue with himself as artist, his subjects and the spectator. He comments on the medium of photography as a construction of longing: the longing to record things, to look, to touch and to keep. Through a combination of draped fabric, careful framing and layered images of existing work, the viewer sees arms, thighs, torsos and hands, but rarely the whole body of the subject. In this way, the spectator is visually challenged to tease apart the construction of the image. With this visual strategy in which he references a homo-erotic visual culture, he explores the productive and critical power of longing as an essential part of his work.

The exhibition is on view until 18 November. 

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Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gemeente Amsterdam, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.