Official opening: Adorned, Eric Gyamfi & Solène Gün
You are invited to join us on Thursday 12 December for the festive opening of three new exhibitions:

ADORNED - THE FASHIONABLE SHOWUntitled, from the series Family Work, 2018 © Hadar Pitchon/ courtesy of the artist

The exhibition Adorned – The Fashionable Show presents intriguing and challenging fashion-related photography projects created by a new generation of visual artists. For them, fashion and style are primarily tools to construct or question identities, to empower people and to play with cultures, gender, race and ages. While some participating artists have already been discovered by well-established fashion brands, others continue to work from within their own communities. These artists are outspoken, challenging, critical or provocative, and relevant in a time defined by fundamental power shifts in which access, diversity and identity are keywords.

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ERIC GYAMFI - FIXING SHADOWSUntitled, from the series Fixing shadows; Julius and I, 2018 © Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi uses storytelling to position his own past into a more universal experience of belonging. His self-portraits and quasi-diaristic installations about his own nomadic existence are deeply personal, yet transcend his individual experience. Employing an array of visual methods to recount memories that hover somewhere between autobiography and fiction. His work consists of collages, writings, sound and prints that were developed using various processes, such as cyanotype and screen-printing. His photographs are presented as powerful but deeply ambiguous tools to recount and reinvent stories – be they true or false.

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FOAM 3H: SOLÈNE GÜN - TURUNÇ1_Turunç, 2018 © Solène Gün

Photographer Soléne Gün records the fraternity, solidarity and hope that connects young men with a Turkish background in the suburbs of Paris and Berlin. As a community, they are often confronted with situations of boredom, violence and despair. Gün translates the contradictory desire that she sees in these young men into poetic images. On the one hand, the need to hide. On the other hand, the need to show oneself. Her work empathises with a group that is often burdened with negative stereotyping. In her photographs, the suburbs become a universe apart, out of sight or interest of the government, in which a lack of perspective goes hand in hand with strong solidarity.

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Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Foam Members, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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Official opening: Adorned, Eric Gyamfi & Solène Gün