Melanie Bonajo at IDFA
A film by Melanie Bonajo will be on show during the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

In her Night Soil trilogy, which is now on view in Foam, Melanie Bonajo questions the norms of our consumerist society. Her newest documentary, Progress vs Regress, is on view during IDFA. Continuing her research on the consequences of the materialist attitude of our society, Bonajo talks to the group that has seen every technological advancement come and go: the elderly.

Still from Progress vs Regress, 2016 © Melanie Bonajo

In Progress vs Regress, Melanie Bonajo questions a group of centenarians about their lives. For some, technology is a breath of fresh air, for others a mystery. There is disappointment about the materialism of the young, but they also think the generation gap is smaller than it used to be, when young people were expected to be seen and not heard. Old and young come together to talk about modern communication technology, missing the feeling of trust and togetherness that physical contact entails, about WhatsApp and rotary dial telephones.

The film Progress vs Regress will be on view in Tuschinski at the following times: 

Friday 18 November, 18.00 hrs.
Monday 21 November, 17.00 hrs.
Thursday 24 November, 20.00 hrs.
Friday 25 November, 17.45 hrs.

On the Monday screening (21 November), Foam curator Kim Knoppers will provide an introduction to the film. 

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Melanie Bonajo at IDFA