Meer dan Muze in Foam
Don't miss the opportunity to join a guided tour on March 8 by the curator of the exhibition <a href="/museum/programme/francesca-woodman">Francesca Woodman</a><a href="/museum/programme/francesca-woodman">.</a> <a href="/museum/programme/francesca-woodman">On Being An Angel</a> in Foam: Kim Knoppers

The exhibition gives an overview of the exceptional oeuvre of American photographer Francesca Woodman (1958-1981) who died at a young age. Before committing suicide at the age of twenty-two, Woodman explored themes such as gender, representation, sexuality and corporality. She used photography as an extremely personal means of expression, as if wearing her skin inside out. Woodman’s photographs showcase a range of symbolist and surrealist influences, and in many cases they evoke oppressive feelings.

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Discover the work of female makers on International Women's Day. Over ten different locations in Amsterdam, including the Stadsschouwburg, Paradiso, Foam and the Rijksmuseum, are programming art of female playwrights, photographers, makers and painters. The initiative Meer dan Muze, initiated by women’s fund Mama Cash, puts these female makers in the spotlight. 

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Meer dan Muze in Foam