Masterclass by Willem Diepraam
On Tuesday 30 October, Foam Editions hosts a masterclass on buying photography by photographer, collector and appraiser Willem Diepraam.<br />

This autumn, Foam Editions will start a new series of Masterclasses on collecting photography for anyone who has experience with collecting photography and/or has participated in a previous collecting course at Foam. In this series we discuss buying photography, the framing of work, the preservation of photos and the photo book as a collector's item.

On Tuesday 30 October we start the series with photographer, collector and appraiser Willem Diepraam as guest speaker. During this evening, Diepraam will give practical tips on valuing photography, which auction houses he prefers and how to find the gems in these (online) auctions. With his years of experience in buying and valuing photography, Willem has many stories to tell.

Collecting course with Willem Diepraam, 2012 © Foam 

Willem Diepraam at first worked as a photojournalist in the Netherlands and then developed an art practice. In the seventies he started collecting photography long before it became popular. Parts of his collection are now housed at the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Diepraam has been certified as an appraiser photography since 2000.  He also closely follows international photography auctions. He still writes about photography and sometimes buys photographic work for himself, but more often takes the role of advisor for others.

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Masterclass by Willem Diepraam