Magazines for Lunch
On 3 February Foam organises Magazines for Lunch, where we explore how food and the capturing of food appear to be interconnected.

Besides cookbooks, magazines prove to be an important platform for food photography. A variety of magazines are centered around food. From specialised magazine such as The Gourmand, combining food with art and culture, to Allerhande, which is more focused on a broad audience. Every magazine has its own identity, market and also their own method of portraying food.

Magazines for Lunch offers an in-depth look (in)to the tradition of food photography. Which developments will be recognised, how did food photography develop throughout the years and how does the image relate to the intended audience or a specific culinary trend? And how is a photoshoot around food designed?

Three guest speakers will answers these questions in an informal setting at Foam Café, while you can enjoy a light lunch. This afternoon, the main focus will lie on imagery. Foam invited Klaartje Schepers, editor-in-chief at ELLE Eten, photographer Oof Verschuren who has worked closely with Yvette van Boven on various publications, and Niels Schumm, whom since day one has successfully operated in the field of art, fashion and still-life photography with partner Anuschka Blommers.

Opening Feast for the Eyes, 2018 © Daniel Lewensztain/Foam

This event is organised on the occasion of the exhibtion Feast for the Eyes - The Story of Food in Photography. Showing a rich history with a selection of food still lifes, food culture a good dose of humour and cookbooks, Feast for the Eyes celebrates food photography in many different forms.

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Feast for the Eyes – The Story of Food in Photography is organised by the Aperture Foundation, New York and curated by Susan Bright and Denise Wolff.

The exhibition is made possible by the Blockbusterfonds. 

Mediapartners: ELLE Eten, Het Parool

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gemeente Amsterdam, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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Magazines for Lunch