Foam and MAQAM proudly present the group exhibition Icoon, developed in collaboration with the city council of Amsterdam. The works in the exhibition are created by eight young talents, produced during a five-part workshop series and launched with a publication under the same name.

Renowned professionals such as Dana Lixenberg, Linda van Deursen and Zeinab El Bouni collaborated closely with the participants and guided them in making autonomous work. This resulted in a collection of inspiring stories and images reflecting the diversity and power of everyday icons.

Featured participants

Angela Ovaa, Ema Catharina van Bolhuis, Guurtje Wever, Marloe Stroeken, Seqouia Duker, Xaveer May, Yasemin Demirözcan and Zehra Göktaş.

Person sitting on the couch, looking into the camera with a blue painting in the background
Coco, 2024Yasemin Demirözcan.
portrait of a person with a red light over them, looking away from the camera
Bo, 2024Ema Catharina van Bolhuis.
A person in boxing gloves and a black t-shirt, fighting in the ring
Stef, 2024Seqouia Duker.
Portrait of a person in a red outfit looking into the camera
Romikám, 2024Marloe Stroeken.
Person laughing in the camera with a red dress, outside on the street.
De lichtpunten, 2024Angela Ovaa.
Woman with a headscarf opening the door of a sunny house with many windows
Can Esra, 2024Zehra Göktaş.
Person with a blue hoodie, throwing a lot of Bulbasaur toys in the air
Gotta Catch 'em All, 2024Xaveer May.
Portrait of two female identifying people looking into the mirror, with a faded
Deel van mij, deel van elkaar, 2024Guurtje Wever.

Workshops for photography beginners

Are you aged between 18 and 26 and starting out in your creative practice? Sign up for a workshop series in which you will actively work with experienced professionals to shape your photography further. During this series, we will work with new techniques, develop your artistic vision and apply what we learn to the industry.

These workshops are especially for beginners motivated to improve their skills and turn photography into a hobby or profession. You will also get the unique opportunity to work towards a publication or exhibition at MAQAM or Foam. The series is only intended for people who live in Amsterdam or who are connected to the city (i.e. you went to school in Amsterdam or work in Amsterdam).

Signing up will put you on an interest list for photography workshops. We will contact you as soon as the workshop series becomes available.

About Foam & MAQAM

MAQAM is a creative space for local residents, talent and creatives in the heart of Kolenkit, Amsterdam. Foam organizes exhibitions and activities in MAQAM together with residents, schools and other communities of Amsterdam West.

This exhibition is with thanks to GRIMM, Amsterdam | New York | London and Patta.

Person proudly posing in the bedroom with many Bulbasaur figures stacked behind

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