Foam talk show: Image & Soul
The National Opera celebrates its fiftieth anniversary at the Opera Forward Festival. Foam presents a selection of works from its own collection during the festival, which runs 15 – 25 March, along with a talk show with artists, writers and thinkers on 18 March.

Part of Opera Forward Festival

The medium of photography was not always trusted in the past. Some feared that a picture could steal your soul. The soul is of course a complex and highly culturally determined concept - as elusive as photography itself. Is it possible to capture the essence of things with photography and to avoid a clear, mechanical reproduction? Many artists have been fascinated by this question and thus numerous attempts have been made to instill in the image “something” of the soul.

During this talk show around the theme of Image and Soul, curator Zippora Elders (Foam) will be in conversation with artists, writers and thinkers. The discussion will focus on both the relationship between intention and artistic process, and the quest if it is possible to catch the nature of things. Elders will also explain the choice of the selected work in the exhibition.


  • Bo Tarenskeen (theater maker)
  • Danielle van Ark (visual artist)
  • Sanne Peper (visual artist)
  • Paul Bogaers (visual artist)
  • Martin Steenhagen (scientist)

The talk show will be moderated by curator Zippora Elders (Foam).


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Foam talk show: Image & Soul