Exposed by Foam: Antonioni
On the occasion of Michelangelo Antonioni - Il maestro del cinema moderno, Foam curator Zippora Elders curated a small exhibition inspired by Antonioni's movies.

The selected photos are related to the style and themes of the Italian director and are composed from the collection limited prints of gallery Foam Editions. The presentation can be seen at EYE during the opening, September 11. All works are for sale.

From Friday September 11th, EYE film museum presents a new exhibition devoted to Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni - Il maestro del cinema moderno. EXPOSED and Foam invite you to this vernissage.

Today Antonioni might be best known for films like sixties cult classic Blow Up (1966) and L'Avventura (1960) already marked a turning point in film history, the start of modern cinema. Together with La Notte (1961) and L'Eclisse (1962) that make up this film triology, Antonioni renewed the grammar of film by thinking less in terms of narrative and more in terms of image. With his deliberate mise-en-scene and beautifully framed shots, he shows us the 'void of modernity'.

At 8.30 pm Sandra den Hamer, director of EYE, will officially open the exhibition, followed by a festive evening hosted by EXPOSED. Wander through an Antonioniesque landscape of video projections and silent poetry, or experience modern architecture on a VR-ride. Buy yourself one of the beautiful prints that are reminiscent of Antonioni's style and themes, selected by Foam curator Zippora Elders. Watch movies on outdoor cinema Brommerbios or listen to the music of dream pop bands Year and Mountain States, and dance into the night with DJ JUJU, brought to you by Subbacultcha. 

Entrance to EYE is free for the program that starts at 8.30pm and ends at 1.00am. We would like to welcome you with a cocktail at 8:30pm. The full program, time schedule and location can be found here.


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Exposed by Foam: Antonioni