Curator Tour: Shigeru Onishi
The Possibility of Existence

On Thursday 18 November, we invite you to join the curator tour of The Possibility of Existence by Shigeru Onishi. In the tour, Foam curator Mirjam Kooiman will take you through the first European solo presentation of this striking series.

About the exhibition

Shigeru Onishi (1928-1994) studied topology (a branch of mathematics) in Hokkaido University. Following his graduation in 1953, he became interested in photography as a member of an amateur Photography Club in Sapporo. Gradually, Onishi integrated mathematical theories into his image-making process. He broke away from the idea that a photograph is a flat image taken from a single perspective. In his works, space, time, and perspectives merged. The artist abandoned the medium around 1957, but in this short-lived exploration, Onishi produced a unique body of work that stood apart from other Japanese photographic schools and trends of the time.

The Flicker Phase, 1950 © Shigeru Onishi, courtesy of MEM Tokyo.