Foam Magazine Cooking workshop with Chieri Higa
Why I Cook

Come join us for an interactive cooking workshop celebrating the latest issue of Foam Magazine, titled FOOD! During this event, managing editor Katy Hundertmark will give a short presentation about Foam Magazine. Afterwards, you will be guided through the preparation of a simple Okinawan meal with mostly vegan dishes by magazine contributor Chieri Higa, while participating in a conversation around food heritage, belonging, authenticity and food as a vehicle for political conversation. At the end of the event, we will enjoy the prepared meal together.

Chieri Higa

About the workshop

In the essay Okinawa, Food Heritage, and Why I Cook featured in Foam Magazine #63, ceramic artist and writer Chieri Higa describes her relationship with food and how it is interlaced with questions around family history, identity and belonging:

“Even though I was not born or raised there, eating Okinawan food always makes me feel grounded, like I belong. Maybe it’s because it connects me to my roots–my father’s side of the family. Maybe it’s the strength of the very specific local recipes passed down to me by my grandmother. Maybe it’s those recipes I feel like she has to defend. Using the workshop as a conduit for conversation, I will lead participants step-by-step through the cooking process, just like my grandma did for me.” - Chieri Higa.

During this workshop, participants are encouraged to contribute to an open conversation around the question ‘What is a food or dish that makes you feel grounded, like you belong?’.

Foam Magazine 63 FOOD! The Nourishing Issue © Chieri Higa, courtesy of the artist.

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Foam Magazine Cooking workshop with Chieri Higa
Why I Cook