Book presentation Samuel Otte Hereafter Called: Subject

On Thursday 4 May, Foam Editions is happy to welcome you to the festive book presentation of Hereafter Called: Subject by Samuel Otte. During the presentation, Otte will speak about the book and you will get the chance to buy the first signed copies.

About the book

Hereafter Called: Subject is a visual road trip along people and places in Europe. It contains a collection of personal photographic experiments that explore the complexities of various relationships. In a total of 25 experiments, Samuel Otte researches the value of written, spoken and unspoken constructs that are inherent in any relationship—sometimes close, sometimes far away. For instance, he followed a woman for two years while staying unknown (with her permission), he let himself be limitlessly and anonymously used by other artists for their work(s), and he lived an unnoticed life in an Italian village steeped with the mafia. The further in the book, the more complex the constructs.

The volume holding these stories is 312 pages and it is 24 x 32,5 cm in size. It has been carefully designed by Jeremy Jansen together with Kai Udema, and is published by Fw:Books. The production was possible with help from the Mondriaan Fund and Jaap Harten Fund.

Hereafter Called: Subject © Samuel Otte.

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Book presentation Samuel Otte Hereafter Called: Subject