Book launch Stephan Keppel
On Thursday 30 November, photographer Stephan Keppel and graphic designer Hans Gremmen from FW:Books present the new book, Flat Finish, at Foam Editions, Foam's in-house gallery.

In Flat Finish Keppel explores and investigates the known, and unknown, structures and surfaces of New York City. By assembling a subjective database of images and reproductions of city walls, architectural references and urban structures, Keppel strips the city from its clichéd myth, and gives a new perspective on the Metropolis.
Printed in special high-pigmented inks, mostly black and white, but also fluorescent colors and metallic inks, this book is questioning its own (re-) production. By doing so it becomes part of Keppel's endless loop of recycled images, works and installations.

The presentation is a cooperation between several friends of Flat Finish: poet Erik Lindner recites work, writer Taco Hidde Bakker shows a short film about New York and publisher and graphic designer Hans Gremmen, who worked with Stephan on the production of this book, gives an explanation about the making of this publication. Furthermore curator Kim Knoppers leads a short Q&A with the makers.

On this festive evening a special edition of the book will be presented and available to purchase: a raw, unfinished version of Flat Finish in a screenprinted, handmade box. This special edition of 25 boxes each contain two prints.

Foam Editions is supported with products of Philips Smart All-in-One monitors.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Delta Lloyd, the City of Amsterdam, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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Book launch Stephan Keppel