Book launch and signing Mous Lamrabat

After the successful solo exhibition Blessings from Mousganistan in 2022, the Belgium-Maroccan photographer Mous Lamrabat returns to Foam to present his long-awaited book Mousganistan.

Join us on 21 June for an exclusive book launch and signing by the artist. After a short presentation, Mous Lamrabat will be ready to sign books in the Foam Café. In addition, we will also present a new and exclusive Foam Edition by the photographer.

About Mousganistan by Mous Lamrabat

Mousganistan shows all the works of the acclaimed artist. It encompasses a body of work that has been more than five years in the making.

Lamrabat's photographs are playful and surrealistic, every so often subtly provocative, but always vibrant and fun. His work is exhilarating and, at times, a confronting fusion of his diasporic life, using beauty and humour to create powerful new narratives related to sensitive issues like racism and religion.

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Ana love you more than my life, 2021 © Mous Lamrabat / Loft Art Gallery.
Images from the book
Nike See, Nike Do, 2019 C Mous Lamrabat Loft Art Gallery.jpg
Nike See, Nike Do, 2019Mous Lamrabat / Loft Art Gallery.
Woman with hijab in the dessert
X-rated, 2017Mous Lamrabat / Loft Art Gallery.
Person posing with letter M earrings and yellow hat
Mashallah with Extra Cheese, 2021Mous Lamrabat / Loft Art Gallery.
Cover of Mousganistan, 2024

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Book launch and signing Mous Lamrabat