Book launch Sika Kokoo by Kwabena Appiah-nti

On Thursday 21 October, Foam Talent Kwabena Appiah-nti launches his book Sika Kokoo in Foam Editions. Kwabena will be present to sign the book which visualises his first experience with his fatherland Ghana.

About the book

Sika Kokoo showcases the contemporary Ghanaian culture, alongside its immense heritage. 'Sika Kokoo' means red money in the Ghanaian Twi language, but translates to gold in English. Gold objects have a lot of symbolism in the Ghanaian culture and they portray different proverbs. In Akan culture, gold is considered an earthly counterpart to the sun and the physical manifestation of life’s vital force: Kra (the soul).

Join the book launch on 21 October

Kwabena Appiah-nti will launch his book in Foam Editions, our in-house gallery on the top floor of the museum. Join the launch on 21 October, from 18.00 until 20.00 hrs.

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About the artist

In 2021, Kwabena was selected as one of this year´s Foam Talents. On display in the gallery is the framed version of Randy, part of the series Golden Boy, 2019. The print is a limited edition that is exclusively for sale at Foam Editions. His work was featured in Foam Magazine #58: Talent.

Busua © Kwabena Appiah-nti

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Book launch Sika Kokoo by Kwabena Appiah-nti