AI Pub Quiz

How much do you know about AI? Hosts Roos Groothuizen and Nastia Cistakova will prepare absurd and thought-provoking questions about AI, privacy, fake news and online ethics. Based on the current exhibition Photography Through the Lens of AI, this pub quiz will test your knowledge about Artificial Intelligence in art. Come grab a drink with your friends and compete for the grand prize.

Based on Photography Through the Lens of AI

In recent years, AI has started to make a big impact in the world of photography, changing the way we make and see images. In the multidimensional project Photography Through the Lens of AI, Foam explores the intersection between art, technology, and society, highlighting how the recent advancements in AI impact our relationship with images, ourselves and our perception of reality.

The project consists of a group exhibition Missing Mirror, accompanied by the solo exhibition AI Attacks by Paolo Cirio, a thematic issue of Foam Magazine #66: MISSING MIRROR, and a presentation of Ctrl.Alt.Img in collaboration with affect lab.

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Eye 4 - Detect, perceive, explore, 2023 © Milo Poelman / Text-Davinci-003.

About Roos Groothuizen and Nastia Cistakova

Roos Groothuizen is a media artist fighting for digital human rights. In her own practice and within the art collective Telemagic, she researches the human side of invisible algorithms, information filters and unfair distribution. Among other things, she developed I want to delete it all, but not now, an escape room about the power of Big Tech. She is also the founder of .zip in Rotterdam, an artistic workshop for digital culture and alternative art forms.

Nastia Cistakova is an artist and illustrator who mixes social criticism with a touch of absurdity. She created a video game about an apple with a quarter-life crisis, paintings inspired by spam emails, and video art about fake animals. Nastia also frequently draws for De Correspondent and De Volkskrant. She co-created her first illustrated children's book, Soctopus with author Jowi Schmitz, published by Volt Publishers.

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