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Proud to be...

Discover the power of photography and show what you are proud of with a special portrait.

About the workshop

There are probably photos that you are on. But do they tell you something about who you are and what you are proud of? How can you actually show that in a photo? During the workshop Proud to be… you learn how to make a portrait that really tells something about you. Everyone goes home with a unique photo of themselves. The object you bring with you to the workshop will personalize your picture even more.

This workshop starts at school with a preparatory lesson given by your own teacher. Through assignments, you are introduced to photography and discover about the things you are proud of. After an interactive guided tour of 30 minutes in the museum, you and your classmates take photos of each other in our education classroom. You will make a portrait with your personal belonging and show the class what makes you proud. At the end of the workshop, all the results will be presented on a big screen and jointly discussed.

Learning goals

  • Consciously looking at photography
  • Gain knowledge about photography terminology and picture elements
  • Think about yourself and what you makes you special
  • Experience in what way photography can tell something about yourself
  • Learn to reflect on your own work and that of others

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