A group of young kids in the museum space at Foam
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On Safari

Go on a safari in Foam! Discover the museum by using a special backpack filled with games.

About the workshop

All your senses will be stimulated during the museum visit. How would it smell in the photo? And what could you hear in it? During this tour, you will learn by looking, telling, and listening to everything about photography.

You and your classmates will receive a special Safari-backpack at the entrance. The backpack contains multiple assignments and can also function as a pillow on which you can take a seat during your visit. The games in the bag are developed to make you look closely at photography. By telling what you can see and listen to the findings of others, you will gain knowledge about the photos in the museum. Our museum teacher will take a group photo at the end of your visit, which you can hang in your classroom as a memory of this day.

Learning goals

  • Getting to know the museum and photography in a playful way
  • Consciously looking at photography
  • Practice with telling others what you see
  • Practice listening to your classmates

The learning objectives of the 'Safari' tour are directly related to the core objectives 54, 55 and 56 under 'Kunstzinnige oriëntatie'. In addition, they are cross-disciplinary with core goal 2 of 'Nederlands' and core goal 37 of 'Oriëntatie op jezelf en de wereld'.

Questions or special requests?

Contact Education via educatie@foam.org.

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