Nature's Limbo

How can our past help guide us into the future?

Unprecedented times have challenged us and the rapid shifts in nature are causing urgency amongst global conversations. How can our past help guide us into the future?
Image from the series Monuments © Douglas Mandry, courtesy of the artist and Bildhalle Zurich

Making a Lakes and Reservoirs print with Matthew Brandt

Still from Matthew Brandt - Lakes and Reservoirs

In his series Lakes and Reservoirs, artist Matthew Brandt portrays bodies of water across the United States that are subject to drought or pollution. His work, created with water from its subject in reaction with photographic emulsion on his prints, results in colourful yet violent visuals that embody the source.

Article: Nature's Limbo by Kim Knoppers

Ana Mendieta, Imágen de Yágul (Image from Yagul), 1973, Color photograph, 19 x 12 1/2 inches © The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection, LLC, Courtesy Galerie Lelong & Co.

"How did we all end up here? The growing world population, the mounting food and water crises, catastrophic environmental breakdown, the privatisation of the public sector, the gaping economic gulf between the privileged and the rest, racist and gender division: the infection has made clear how everything in our world is inextricably interconnected."

Podcast: Re-looking at our Natural Environment with Douglas Mandry

Douglas Mandry's work is characterized by his experimental use of historic photographic techniques and self-invented processes, through which he reconfigures depictions of our natural environment. Listen to the podcast together with Foam curator Mirjam Kooiman.

discover the series Monuments by Douglas Mandry

Discover the series Monuments in the Foam Talent 2020 Digital, an online exhibition showcasing the next generation of visual artists.

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Monuments / Altesch #08, 2018 © Douglas Mandry, courtesy of the artist

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Nature's Limbo