On Belonging

Perspectives of migration.

We're confronted with how migration has bought people together, and yet at times how it has not. Though it’s often tarnished by negative speculation, it is one of the most powerful forces that can foster change, progress and create a space for stories untold.
From the series Turunç © Soléne Gün courtesy of the artist
From the series Heimat (in Quarantine) © Delali Ayivi courtesy of the artist

Personal experiences, anger and pain are the basis of this important project in which refugees share photos and stories via Instagram about their daily life in Moria, the largest refugee camp in Europe, located in Greece.⁠ The project aims to break through existing stereotypes about refugees by emphasising the importance of self-representation.⁠

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Installation of Now You See Me Moria at Foam © Foam

Podcast: Now You See Me Moria

Claartje van Dijk, head of exhibitions ​at Foam, speaks with Noemi, ​the Amsterdam-based photo editor ​and leading force behind Now You See Me Moria, to give an insight into the collective's work and mission.

Interview with Daniel Castro Garcia on I Peri N'Tera

Still from video Daniel Castro Garcia

I Peri N’Tera (which translates as Feet on the Ground), is an ongoing documentation of the migrant crisis unfolding in Sicily, Italy. Spanning six years, the series focuses on the lives of a group of underage refugees that artist Daniel Castro Garcia met whilst working at a reception centre for unaccompanied minors in rural central Sicily. Watch the interview together with Daniel Castro Garcia and Foam curator Hinde Haest.

Performing family history from Togo to Italy:

Encounter by Silvia Rosi

Discover the series Encounter by Silvia Rosi in Foam Talent 2021 Digital, an online exhibition celebrating artists shaping the future of photography.

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From the series Encounter © Silvia Rosi courtesy of the artist

Podcast: Silvia Rosi

This episode of Foam Talks welcomes photographer Silvia Rosi and curator, writer and Griot Magazine founder and artistic director Johanne Affricot. The starting point of the conversation is Rosi's project Encounter.

On Belonging with Foam Talents Delali Ayivi and Solène Gün

Still from Zooming In: On Belonging

In a world that is more splintered than ever, notions of place and belonging have gained unprecedented relevance. Photographers Delali Ayivi and Solene Gün reflect on the concept of home, which can be both a shelter and a prison, especially in times of quarantine. On Belonging features Foam Talents Delali Ayivi and Solène Gün, with special guest Erika Larsson and moderated by Foam curator Hinde Haest.

From the series Heimat (in Quarantine) C Delali Ayivi courtesy of the artist

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