White Charcoal, 2016 © Sofia Borges, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Sofia Borges, 2016

White Charcoal

Created by Sofia Borges in 2016. Using burned inkjet print as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 150 x 220 cm.

Borges experimented with the destructive power of fire in relation to imagery. She burned the photographic surface of a large-format print, a way of exploring what happens to the meaning of an image when it is burned. Does the piece lose its signification by being damaged or does it acquire a different sense?

Borges portrays objects and artefacts to free them from their specific meaning, to let them stand by themselves. She strives to show us that even photography, a medium bound up with reality by definition, can let go of reality, as happens in a painting or sculpture. In her work, she investigates what representation is, and what a photograph can be. Myths, fabulous creatures and philosophical questions about representation, mimicry and imitation play a major part in her work.

© Sofia Borges, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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White Charcoal