A moving group of insects on a dark background.

Guillaume Simoneau, 2015

Mayflies by D. McLeod, on location ELA, Canada

Created by Guillaume Simoneau in 2018. The artwork is a digital pigment print and displayed at 41 x 55 cm. It explores themes as environment, ecosystems and science.

Experimental Lake is set around a world-class research facility looking into human impact on nature. It is situated within the pristine natural environment of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) in north-west Ontario, Canada. 58 lakes comprise a natural laboratory where a community of international scientists test the effect of new chemical substances and other human inventions on the environment. Their daily activities are monitored by Simoneau as a complex ecosystem in its own right, much like a scientist studies his specimen. Results from case-studies done in the ELA inform environmental policies worldwide. Similarly, Simoneau’s small observations speak of a universal interconnectedness between man and nature, as increasingly mediated through science – and photography.

Guillaume Simoneau, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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thumbnail Mayflies by D. McLeod, on location ELA, Canada

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Mayflies by D. McLeod, on location ELA, Canada