Dark picture of a table next to the lake. The table is surrounded by few objects such as chairs, pots and shovel

Guillaume Simoneau, 2015

Location lab one, on location ELA, Canada, 2015

Created by Guillaume Simoneau in 2015. The artwork is a digital pigment print. It explores themes as environment, ecosystems and science.

Experimental Lake is set around a world-class research facility looking into human impact on nature. It is situated within the pristine natural environment of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) in north-west Ontario, Canada. 58 lakes comprise a natural laboratory where a community of international scientists test the effect of new chemical substances and other human inventions on the environment. Their daily activities are monitored by Simoneau as a complex ecosystem in its own right, much like a scientist studies his specimen. Results from case-studies done in the ELA inform environmental policies worldwide. Similarly, Simoneau’s small observations speak of a universal interconnectedness between man and nature, as increasingly mediated through science – and photography.

Guillaume Simoneau, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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thumbnail Location lab one, on location ELA, Canada, 2015

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Location lab one, on location ELA, Canada, 2015