Current Study #3, 2013 © Sjoerd Knibbeler, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Sjoerd Knibbeler, 2013

Current Study #3

Created by Sjoerd Knibbeler in 2013. Using inkjet print as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 120 x 96 cm. The work explores genres such as the constructed image.

Current Study #3 is an experiment to photograph something that normally cannot be documented visually: air.

The work of Sjoerd Knibbeler focuses on visualising invisible natural phenomena such as the wind, air movement and climatological conditions. His work could be defined as ‘constructed photography’ – the construction of all sorts of self-imagined and created objects mostly takes place in the studio. There he simulates wind, clouds or a tornado, and he experiments with fragile constructions in a variety of materials such as plastic, paper and fiberboard. Knibbeler explores the paradoxical relation between the still, two-dimensional character of photography and his often transparent, moving, voluminous subjects. He uses photography as a means of visualising his ideas, but everything he photographs is real. Through his artistic practice, he proves the camera to be able to reveal processes that wouldn’t be noticed otherwise.

© Sjoerd Knibbeler, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Current Study #3