Portrait of Ece Gökalp © Beril Eski


Ece Gökalp (1988) is a visual artist, born in Istanbul, Turkey. In her hometown, the visual artist received her bachelor's degree in Photography and Video from the Yildiz Technical University. In addition, Gökalp studied with an Erasmus scholarship for a semester at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague before moving to Berlin to study Art in Context at the Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Working with different media forms, Gökalp focuses on the diverse possibilities of photography. In doing so, the artist specifically employs photography as a means of perceiving geographies in different contexts. Gökalp thereby explores the controversy surrounding photography, the photographic gaze and the indexicality of photography. 

She also examines how photography influences our perception of various locations. After finishing her master's thesis on Mount Ararat, a significant mountain in eastern Turkey, Gökalp turned her focus towards her connection with nature. Her work on nature, landscape, and geography projects serves as a means to explore and understand herself. The Weak of the Forest and Haus am See are notable initial works on this theme. Recently, she has been crafting portraits of the Drying Lakes of Turkey, peeling back their multifaceted layers of meaning and significance.

Gökalp's work has so far been shown in several group exhibitions in Istanbul and Berlin. Gökalp also showed a solo exhibition at the Apartment Project Berlin in 2017, followed by a second solo exhibition of her graduation project at Poşe in Istanbul.  

Image from the series After Anahit © Ece Gökalp.
Image from the series After Anahit, 2023 © Ece Gökalp.
Image from the series After Anahit, 2023 © Ece Gökalp.
Aya Musa, Foam curator

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