Ukraine At Risk: Resources to Support Through Art

How do we help? Surrounding current events and conflict in and around Eastern Europe, Foam stands with all that are oppressed, including artists and workers in visual culture throughout the region. We've gathered a list of resources and initiatives that are making strides to support through arts and humanitarian need.
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Support for arts & culture

Artists at Risk

ARTISTS at RISK (AR) is a non-profit organization at the intersection of human rights and the arts. They are updating this Google doc regularly for emergency relocation resources for Ukraine.

ICOMOS-Ukrainer Heritage in Crisis

ICON is listing an urgent appeal to receive materials for cultural heritage protection, such as packing materials or items to protect against fire.

Ukrainian Art Emergency Fund

Providing one-time financial aid or stipends for up to 3 months for cultural workers (limited number of stipends are available).

Photography fundraisers

United Photographers For Ukraine

After the success of the 100 Photographers for Bergamo initiative, the organisers decided to reactivate the world of photography to support Kyiv’s Children's Hospital (Ohmadyt) and the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Fotografie voor Oekraine

A group of Dutch photographers who contribute the proceeds to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Print Sale for Ukraine

In support of people of Ukraine who lost their jobs because of the war and are in urgent need for food, medicine and hygiene items.

Fast Forward

The organisation launched a print sale by Ukrainian female artists to raise money for charities that are working on the ground in Ukraine.

Solidarity Prints

Internationally renowned photographers have come together to support the NGO Artists at Risk.

Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization

An NFT sale via Open Sea, with proceeds donated to help the Ukrainian army and displaced people.

Darwin Studio Photos For Ukraine

In collaboration with Metro Imaging, Darwin Magazine is holding a print sale to support vulnerable children in Ukraine.

Artist fundraisers

Karoline Snizhko, an Amsterdam-based Ukrainian artist, is selling prints via her website to support humanitarian help in Ukraine.

Aria Shahrokhshahi has joined forces with The Photo Parlour and Take It Easy Lab, selling 2 x prints with all profits donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Emma Hardy is selling c-type hand prints of flower images made in her garden in 2017. 100% of proceeds will be donated via @oliahercules.

Sarah Boris has launched a screenprint, with proceeds donated to UNICEF Ukraine.

Tommy Sussex has launched a second edition sale of his book, Our Sincere Toils (2015). The book contains images of the so-called Revolution of Dignity and life in Ukraine in 2014 and all profits will be donated to Defend Ukraine.

Viktoria Pezzei is selling her fine art wildlife prints, with 100% profits from the sales donated to Aktion Deutschland Hilft and VETO.

Humanitarian support

Blood Agents

Bloodagents is a fundraising campaign for the first-aid kits for Territorial Defense soldiers, firefighters and volunteers.


Zgraya is a volunteer group that gathers and responds to emergencies. For example, Zgraya helped the workers and civilians involved in extinguishing large-scale Chernobyl fires two years ago.

Repair Together

Ukrainian volunteer initiative to restore the communities that suffered from the occupation.

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw for Ukraine

The aid center in the museum has been created in a collaboration with the artistic collective Blyzkist, which consists of Ukrainian and Belarusian artists and activists. Every day they deliver thousands of sandwiches, hot meals and the most necessary hygiene products.

Choose Love Ukraine Appeal

British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Save the Children

United Help Ukraine

Non-profit volunteer organisation currently fundraising to provide emergency medical aid and humanitarian relief to those on the front lines.

A list of resources put together by Ukrainians, including verified fundraisers and useful information. 

The Rory Peck Trust’s Crisis Fund

Providing grants to help journalists with temporary relocation and accommodation, as well as safety kits including flak jackets, helmets etc.

Helping to Leave

Helping to Leave is an independent grassroots project supporting people who are in the process of leaving Ukraine, as well as those currently in the country and in need of help.

Zeilen van Vrijheid

A self-organised group of volunteers who united their efforts for purchasing and delivering medical and other specialised cars to Ukraine, as well as medical and humanitarian aid. Originally from different countries, most of them live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

With bordering Poland taking in millions of refugees, the following are links to Polish initiatives:

Polish Humanitarian Action

Polish Center for International Aid

Fundacja Ocalenie

UA-PL life convoy for evacuation

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