Twee keer kijken

Intergenerationeel fotografieproject in de wijk

Intergenerationeel fotografieproject in de wijk

For the past three years, Foam has been involved in a unique photography outreach project in four districts of Amsterdam. The name of this project, 'Twee keer kijken', means 'Look twice'.

In this intergenerational project, senior citizens (65+) and teenagers (10 - 18 yrs) are brought into contact with photography and one another in an accessible manner.

For this project, Foam has been working together with residential care centres, youth centres and community centres. Twee keer kijken brings young and old into contact with the power of photography.

Over a period of five weeks, two people from different generations are paired up through Twee keer kijken. Together they participate in a photography workshop that runs for five weeks. The workshops on street- and portrait photography offer a chance for the two participants to come into contact with one another, start a dialogue, and open up to each other's perspectives, to start seeing themselves and their surroundings in a new light. In short, Foam uses photography as a medium to bring two different generations together.

After a successful pilot at the end of 2014, the project kicked off in the North, New West, South-East and East districts of the city. Foam worked together with different institutions throughout the city.

Past editions:

For more information you can get in touch with Garance Camping via or at 020-5516505.

Twee keer kijken is made possible with a donation of Rabobank Amsterdam and is being supported by the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, de Leeuwensteinstichting, de M.A.O.C. Gravin van Bylandt Stichting, the city districts Nieuw-West, Noord en Oost (Municipality of Amsterdam) and the VSBfonds.

Foam is a friend of Lang Leve Kunst.