Untitled, 2016 © Harley Weir, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Harley Weir, 2016


Created by Harley Weir in 2016. Using C-print as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 100 x 80 cm.

This work explores genres such as portrait photography and explores themes such as the female lens.

This photograph comes from a shoot that Harley Weir did for the 'Female Gaze Issue' from i-D Magazine (August 2016). For the first time in the history of the famous youth culture magazine, it devoted an entire number to women seen through the lens of only female photographers. How do women look at women? It is a theme that Harley Weir has been involved in for some time. While working in the context of the fashion industry, her photographs show a different approach to women - one that does not necessarily meet the standard beauty ideal. For example, she refuses to brush away something like pigmentation marks on the body of a model in her photos. Time and again she seeks out the tension between the erotic and functional meaning of the erogenous zones of the female body.

© Harley Weir, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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