Frequently asked questions

What is Foam Talent Call?
Foam Talent Call is one of the most prestigious international open calls for photographers between the ages of 18 and 40. Over the past decade, the Talent Call has helped launch the careers of numerous talents around the world by giving their work the exposure and recognition it deserves. 

What are the dates of Foam Talent Call 2023? 
We do not know the exact dates for the upcoming Foam Talent Call yet. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know.

What are the age requirements? 
In order to participate in the 2021 Foam Talent Call you must have been born between 1 January 1981 and 31 December 2001. This year the age segment has been widened from 35 to 40 in an attempt to address the disparity affecting our communities. 

If you do not fall within this age range, please don't feel excluded. You can still submit your work for consideration in one of the two other issues Foam Magazine publishes annually. Please send your work to

What are the terms and conditions for participation? 
You can read the full terms and conditions for the Foam Talent Call here.  

How much does it cost? 
The cost for participating is €25. This year the entry fee has been lowered down from €35 to €25 in an effort to widen the possibility of its access. This fee goes towards supporting the Foam Talent programme, its networking activities and events and producing future issues of Foam Magazine.

Which payment methods do you support?
We accept credit card payments as a default. In addition, we also offer Paypal payment options. Please send an email to if you prefer to use Paypal as a payment method instead.


What are the submission requirements? 
Submissions to Foam Talent Call 2021 can only be made online via PICTER by creating an account and following the full submission process from 20 April until 6 June 2021. Only complete submissions will be accepted. This means two distinct projects with 8 - 10 JPG images per project, a brief description of each project (maximum 2000 characters per project description) and an abridged CV (maximum 2000 characters or PDF). 

Can I submit video stills as part of the series?
Yes, you can submit video stills as part of the 8 - 10 images per series. Make sure to explain that these are stills from a video in the series description. It's not possible to upload the video itself but you may provide a link in the description field. 

How can I include installation shots with my submission? 
There are two ways you can include installations shots with your submission: upload them as extra images in addition to your 8 - 10 portfolio images (as long as you do not exceed 10 files in total) or simply include a link to an image or website in the description field. 

Are diptychs allowed? How should I submit these images?  
Yes, diptychs, triptychs or other multiple-image compositions are very welcome. If you want your images to be considered in pairs or sets, we ask that you submit each pair/set as its own file. However, it is important to note that this file will be judged as one image, so you will need to submit 8 - 10 pairs/sets to meet the requirements for the series size. If there is a mix of diptychs/sets and single images in a series, simply count the number of files to be sure there are 8 - 10 in total. 

Can I submit one series with 18-20 images? 
Our editors require two distinct series of work in order to make the best possible judgment. If you only submit one project, unfortunately, your submission cannot be taken into consideration.  

What format should my images be in?  
Images should be JPGs and at least 2000px on the long edge. 

Can I enter as a duo? 
Yes, duos are more than welcome! 

Can I submit using an artist name? 
Yes, but you must include your real name as well. 

Is there a theme this year? 
No, there is no set theme for the projects being submitted for the Foam Talent Call. The two series you submit should be representative of your artistic practice. 

Can I still change my work once I've started the submission process? 
Yes, as long as you haven't entered your payment details and clicked SUBMIT, you can always come back and edit your submission.

Can I change or adjust my entry after I’ve paid and submitted it?
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. However, in special circumstances, you are able to do this with our call partner Picter. Your application will need to be reopened individually. In order to adjust something in your entry, please email and they will take it from there.

Selection process

How are Foam Talents selected?
Foam Talents are selected by the editorial team of Foam Magazine. Being a talent normally describes someone who has outstanding skills or abilities. However, besides selecting the work of artists with an above-average talent within a specific generation, we also try to judge whether the work is of above-average importance for current developments in photography. Given our expertise, we strive to make a selection that stands the test of time and provides, in retrospect, a clear picture of the kind of relevant photographic work made in our own day by a new group of emerging image-makers. 

Why are there age limits? 
The age limits set for the Foam Talent Call have been created in order to focus once a year on a specific generation of photographers. Our editors are curious about how this particular generation (those who during the calendar year of the open call fall between the ages of 18 and 40) looks at the world and expresses itself with a camera. This year the age segment has been widened from 35 to 40 in an attempt to address the disparity affecting our communities. If you are not between 18 and 40, you can still submit your portfolio for consideration in one of the other issues of Foam Magazine. 

What if I don't fall within the required age range? 
If you are not between 18 and 40, please do not feel excluded. You can still submit your work for consideration for Foam Magazine. Age has nothing to do with the portfolios featured in two out of the three annual issues. These are selected purely for their photographic, artistic, or documentary quality. 

When will I know if I have been selected? 
The selection procedure takes place between June and August so you can expect to receive the results by the end of August. The Talent issue of Foam Magazine will be published in February 2022 and the names of the selected artists will be officially announced. kicking off a year of activities around the work of the new group of Foam Talents. 


Who do I contact for press inquiries? 
For press inquiries please contact 

If you still have questions you can hit the chatbox or reach out directly to



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