Foam stands for talent. We scout, follow and present young, talented photographers in order to discover and stimulate exceptional quality.

Our goal is to devote timely, focused attention to new developments in photography. This ambition is realised by our initiatives for both foreign and domestic young photographers: through our exhibition programme Foam 3h, the designated exhibition space for new talent in the museum; with the annual international Foam Magazine Talent Call and the accompanying travelling exhibitions; and by awarding the renowned Foam Paul Huf Award. Foam also systematically acquires the work of young talent for our own expanding collection.

Foam Talent exhibitions at the Atelier Néerlandais in Paris.

Discovering, identifying and presenting talent has been part of Foam's policy and practice since it was first established. As such, Foam has developed several platforms for talented artists to present their work to the public. Foam 3h is a fixed exhibition space within the museum that is exclusively oriented towards the innovative work of young talent from the Netherlands and abroad. Foam Magazine's annual Talent Issue is an internationally acknowledged platform for young photographers, with over 1500 submissions each year.

The Foam Paul Huf award has been awarded annually since 2007, with such renowned winners as Pieter Hugo (2008) and Daniel Gordon (2014).

Foam continuously creates supplementary platforms for upcoming photographers to present their work to the largest and most diverse audience possible. Foam Talent is the international hallmark for the latest in photography.

Opening of the exhibition of Lorenzo Vitturi in Foam 3h

Foam discovers talent, but not simply for its own sake, for the selected photographers or for a small in-crowd. First and foremost, we scout for our visitors, to ensure that a wide audience will get to know the new developments in photography and the big names of the future. This could be through an exhibition in the Amsterdam museum; in exhibition spaces throughout the Netherlands; through the magazine; through lectures, discussions and artist talks; or on our website. Foam affirms their importance as the international institute for contemporary photography especially by taking calculated risks and presenting the innovative work of young photographers. Foam is the place for innovation and experimentation in photography.

The team of Foam Lab 2016

Foam Lab is a cultural traineeship for young professionals and offers suitable work experience within the museum. Each year, the team consists of eight new, recently graduated creatives of various backgrounds, from fashion designers to photographers, from graphic designers to urban planners. Foam Lab works in, for and alongside Foam to rejuvenate the museum from the inside out.

The seventh group of Foam Lab has run for six months, from January to July 2016. During this period, the team worked on various projects, from concept to execution.

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Unseen Photo Fair, thé international fair for new photography.

Unseen is an international photography fair that focuses on showing previously undiscovered photographic talent and unseen works by well-known photographers. Aside from the actual fair, with over fifty participating international galleries, many activities take place around the fair as well, such as the Unseen Book Market, the Unseen Dummy Award, lectures and debates, and exhibitions on location or in the public space.

Unseen was initiated by Foam, creative agency Vandejong and Platform A, office for cultural business development.