Sheung Yiu

In (Inter)Faces of Predictions, Sheung Yiu looks into different practices of face reading, facial prediction and facial recognition. For this multi-medial series, consisting of a video essay, a series of self-portraits and an extensive research notebook of visual references, he submitted his own face as a test case: scanning, screening and analysing his features in order to understand the processes behind it. 

In his practice, Sheung Yiu combines East-Asian traditions of facial readings, promising to predict one's future based on facial features, with contemporary facial recognition technologies, drawing a striking parallel between Eastern and Western practices around facial studies.  

On a deeper level, the project questions the way different technologies, whether digital or analogue, algorithmic or esoteric, shape the perceptions and biases connected to our faces. Through this, he recognises that a face is never just a face: it is what we, or the systems we use, want to read into it. 

(Inter)Faces of Predictions

Sheung Yiu

Facial landmarks (2023)

Twisted face (2023)

Fortune in My Thirties (2023)

Faceless (2023)

Scan (2023)

Scan (2023)

Twisted Face (2023)

Between Two Charts (2023)

Old and new moles (2023)

Face Mesh (2023)

Ancient Prediction (2023)


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