Rehab Eldalil

In search for a sense of belonging, Rehab Eldalil traced back her family roots to the Bedouin community of South Sinai, Egypt. This confirmed a spiritual connection she long felt towards the region and sent her on a ten-year long collaboration with the locals of St. Catherine, guiding herself through the lands of her ancestors. 

In The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken (شوق الغريب للي تقطّع سبيله) Rehab closely participates with community members during this longstanding encounter, weaving together photographs with sound, video, and local Bedouin traditions of poetry, embroidery and plant medicines in a truly collaborative effort. 

The works emphasise the strong connection of the close-knit Bedouin community to their land, as its protective keeper. At the same time, the project reveals the hardships and constant struggle against displacement, violence, and governmental power, to which the community continues to be subjected. Recent plans for urban developments in the region stress the urgency of the project, becoming a testament of and protest to protect the natural state of the lands and its indigenous keepers. 

The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken شوق الغريب للي تقطّع سبيله

Rehab Eldalil

Oh Valley, your love is a home for the soul's joy
Whenever I see you my heart grows
My love for you is obvious and everyone sees
As tears run down my cheeks
I come to you in longing full of pains
My soul returns to me as I approach your grounds
I walk in your trail in slopes and curves
My longing to see you never stops
Being separated from you is a loss
While I watch the freedom of your birds

–Seliman Abdel Rahman

Al Laseeq
The Sticker

Found extensively on top of the mountains around Sinai and flourishes during the Spring. Can be cut from any point below the sticky leaves.

Used to cover and heal wounds as an alternative to band aids and stitches in some cases.

Al Rabel
Mountain Tea

Commonly found in valleys and mountains in St. Catherine and Sheikh Awad. Flourishes during Spring. Warning: Do not consume more than once a day to avoid low blood pressure.

Used to treat high blood pressure and gallstones. Considered as an alternative to tea and coffee, useful for children. Maintains the water and salt percentage in the body.


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