André Ramos-Woodard

In BLACK SNAFU, André Ramos-Woodard addresses the widespread anti-Black racism deeply rooted in American society. The work centres around the idea that to heal from the harm and pain caused by this, it's essential to acknowledge its history. 

Critiquing the media's portrayal of Black individuals through stereotypical imagery, Ramos-Woodard takes a unique approach. He recreates illustrations of Black people, found throughout the history of cartooning, and blends them with his own photographs that celebrate Black identity, inspired by his personal experiences.  

Drawing from his lifelong love of comic books and anime, Ramos-Woodard seamlessly combines photography and illustration, creating a visual language that unites contrasting realities. Through this approach, he confronts the audience with the long-lasting effects of racial hierarchies, using the familiar and funny aspects of cartoons to turn them into a tool to advocate for change. 


André Ramos-Woodard

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buds, 2020

coonin' and bafoonin', 2023

Niggas at the park, 2021

hate monger, 2022

United States education system, 2022

BL!NG, 2020

zooted, 2020


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