Blind Spots

Tracing identity and championing untold histories.

The rich, vast cultural landscape demands a larger discussion on reclaiming identity. How can we confront stereotypes, clichés and representation within our community?

Jessica de Abreu's Bookshelf: The Black Archives

The Black Archives is a historical archive and cultural centre, located in Amsterdam’s East and the Black historical neighbourhood Bijlmer, where people can go for inspiring conversations, substantive activities and access books from Black and other perspectives that often remain underexposed elsewhere.

Jessica de Abreu

Foam invites Johny Pitts and Gloria Wekker

Still image from Foam invites: Johny Pitts and Gloria Wekker

What does Afropean mean and how can it be defined? Photographer and journalist Johny Pitts is joined by professor and anthropologist Gloria Wekker as they discuss the term and reflect on his images made in Amsterdam.

Double Play: on Unbé t'aweró by Gilleam Trapenberg

"Even though we are on an island, there are no vistas in Unbé t'aweró. We're looking very closely - if only we know how to see it."

Curator Mirjam Kooiman writes about the series Unbé t'aweró by Gilleam Trapenberg.

zooming in with Foam Talents Plantation and Lisandro Suriel

Still from Zooming In: Photography, Performance and the Mythical

In Photography, Performance and the Mythical, artist-archivist Angela N. Carroll speaks to Foam Talents Plantation (Ayomide Tejuoso) and Lisandro Suriel on how photography can act as a powerful tool in constructing cultural identity.

view the work in Foam Talent 2021 Digital

Discover the series Portraits in Madness by Plantation (Ayomide Tejuoso) and Ghost Island by Lisandro Suriel in the digital exhibition.

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