Pink Ladies and Pear, 2012 © Daniel Gordon, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Daniel Gordon, 2012

Pink Ladies and Pears

Created by Daniel Gordon in 2012. Using C-type as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 73,3 x 93,4 cm.

The artwork explores genres such as the constructed image.

Daniel Gordon’s work displays a kaleidoscope of colours, forms, and textures. Gordon uses his own photographs alongside images that he finds on Internet to construct three-dimensional still lifes. Although familiar with Photoshop, he mostly physically cuts and pastes in the studio. Daniel Gordon does not hide the construction behind his work but rather emphasizes it. The paper structure of the fruit is distinctly visible. A drop of glue remains visible on the rim of the fruit bowl, a silent witness of his creative practice.

© Daniel Gordon, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Pink Ladies and Pears