Paper Girl 2, from the series World, 2010 © Ina Jang, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Ina Jang, 2010

Paper Girl 2

Created by Ina Jang in 2010. Using c-print as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 60 x 40 cm.

The artwork uses mediums such as collage and explores genres such as the constructed image.

A frail and twisted female body dissimulated behind pieces of paper: profoundly influenced by fashion and design, Ina Jang’s images are unconventional and light. She creates a complex and multidimensional world in which reality and fiction are intertwined using different surfaces and layers.

The base of Jang’s work is her experimental curiosity. Many of her images start with drawings or figures, which become obscured in surreal, hyper-stimulated environments. Jang’s goal is to find new perspectives in photography: "Coming up with something that completely breaks the boundaries might be impossible, but I think it’s always nice to try to break personal boundaries." With her conceptually and aesthetically playful approach to photography, Jang crafts her own visual language and creates light-hearted and poetic work.

© Ina Jang, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Paper Girl 2