Bouquet V, 2008 © Scheltens & Abbenes, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Scheltens & Abbenes, 2008

Bouquet V

Created by Scheltens & Abbenes in 2008. Using C-type as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 150 x 120 cm.

The artwork explores themes such as the constructed image.

At first glance, Bouquet V by Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes looks like a typical Dutch seventeenth-century still life. But like most floral still lifes from that time, this carefully arranged bouquet is far from realistic. Many seventeenth-century painters assembled bouquets in their paintings with an assortment of seasonal flowers, which could never flourish at the same time. Bouquet V is also an artistic construction: the duo cut all parts of the flower arrangement from books, magazines, and catalogs, which were accurately combined into a balanced composition. This two-dimensional construction was then photographed in a three-dimensional setting, distorting the viewers’ gaze and perception of reality. The still life we see is fake and real at the same time: although not quite what it seems, it is a true creation, not a digital tableau.

© Scheltens & Abbenes, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Bouquet V