22.06.2013, from the series All Year Round, 2013 © Ola Lanko, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Ola Lanko, 2013


Created by Ola Lanko in 2013. Using duratrans print in light box as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 100 x 55 x 5 cm.

This work explores genres such as the constructed image.

In 2013, the camera of Ola Lanko took 2,000 automated pictures of the IJ every day from the window of her apartment. These pictures were organised in chronological order, creating panoramic ribbons of the passage of time. The start and end of the day mark the frame of the image, producing what looks from a distance like strips of tone and colour that vary depending on the time of day. Close up, however, the details of what has passed before the camera become apparent. The works 22.06.2013 and 22.12.2013 from the overall project All Year Around include all photographs that Ola Lanko took on 22 June and 22 December 2013 - the longest and shortest day of the year.

© Ola Lanko, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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