A visit to Foam offers everyone - young and old - a chance to dive into the art of photography.

In addition to an extensive programme of workshops, events and tours, Foam also offers its youngest visitors opportunities to interact directly with current exhibitions. 

FotoBaas © Niels Moolenaar / Foam

With this colourful camera in their hands, kids are instantly morphed into masters of photography or ''FotoBaas''. The FotoBaas camera is especially designed for children ages 4 through 10 to learn more about photography concepts in a fun and playful way while visiting Foam's current exhibitions. The camera is accompanied by a game book that guides participants through various photography techniques using simple exercises and games. Furthermore, the combination of do-it-yourself activities and viewing assignments stimulates the interaction between child and adult. 

Suitable for: children from 4 to 10 years old
Cost: € 3,00 including booklet to bring home
For Stadspashouders: € 1,00 including booklet to bring home

The FotoBaas is available at the front desk of the museum and cannot be booked in advance. 

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A durian growing a swinging sponge on a fractal evening © Lorenzo Vitturi, Courtesy of the Foam Collection

On the first Wednesdays of June and July you can participate in a free walk-in workshop for families. Pull up a seat to the long table full of workshop materials and pitchers of lemonade at Foam Café. Families are invited to work on short collage assignments of approximately 20 minutes. A museum teacher will explain the different assignments before you get started and help you when necessary. You can take the result home with you afterwards and the assignments will vary over time so you can always come back for more collage fun.

The basis for this walk-in workshop for families are works from the Foam collection. During the workshop, you will create collages inspired by professional photographers who use a myriad of techniques in their practice. Since 2007, Foam has actively collected photography. This collection now includes more than 500 works; photographs, but also films and installations are well represented in the collection. An active and living part of Foam, the collection reflects the museum's exhibitions programme. In the work of photographers such as Daniel Gordon, Krista de Niet, Lorenzo Vitturi and Blommers and Schumm, 'food' is a common theme, which each artist interprets uniquely. 

Participation: free, includinh workshop materials and a glass of lemonade (museum admission excluded)
Dates: 6 June en 4 July, 2018, 12pm - 3pm

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How well do you know your family? Do you share the same view of the world or do you each have your own perspective? During the Remake Foam Family Workshop you will find out just how similar or different your standpoints actually are. By looking at how professional photographers make visual choices, you will become more aware of your own views. The result of the workshop is a creative family portrait: a remake of a work from the Foam Collection. After the workshop you can take the portait home with you and enjoy it for generations to come.

Price: € 165 / 12 participants 

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The Remake Foam Family Workshop is made possible by corporate partner Olympus.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gemeente Amsterdam, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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