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Discover our online activities around Foam Magazine. The most recent issue In Limbo addresses our current state of being, suspended and in a vacuum. This issue reflects on how we are experiencing the two main topics of our time - a global pandemic and social challenges.

Launch Foam Magazine 57: In Limbo

From the series Seremoni Disparisyon © Widline Cadet, courtesy of the artist.

On Thursday 1 October, editor-in-chief Elisa Medde and art director Hamid Sallali went into conversation about the making of Foam Magazine #57: In Limbo. During the live stream, they discussed the theme of the issue and how it is translated into an innovative, new edition of Foam Magazine.

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In Limbo – Photo Vogue Festival
Watch the online conversation

Watch the online conversation between Foam Magazine editor-in-chief Elisa Medde, artists Johny Pitts, Laia Abril and curator Tanvi Mishra about our perception and use of photography. Learn more about how we are experiencing the two main topics of our time - a global pandemic and social challenges - while looking at how this could be a fundamental chance to shift our questions on photography: stop asking 'what photography is' and start consciously talking about 'what photography can do' and 'what we want photography to do'.⁠

This conversation was part of Photo Vogue Festival on 21 November 2020.

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