Foam 3h: Sem Langendijk

Sem Langendijk's first solo exhibition shows the result of an in-depth investigation into the uprooting effects of gentrification and social inequality. The exhibition Haven shows how the new living- and working environment created for one simultaneously breaks down the habitat of the other. One who is constantly uprooted to make way.

About the exhibition

Who owns the city? In his long-term research project Haven, Sem Langendijk (1990, NL) seeks to capture the environment of his youth: a place that no longer exists. Growing up in a community of artists, squatters and other outsiders in the western harbours of ​​Amsterdam, the city slowly but surely changed course. The city’s fringe was transformed into a smoothed quay with a new skyline, luxury apartments and large-scale architecture. Haven examines the environments of different port cities in various phases of transition, highlighting the transformation of disused docklands and the communities that reside there.

Canary Wharf, London Docklands, 2019, from the series Haven © Sem Langendijk

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Foam 3h: Sem Langendijk