Free tour in Dutch sign language
Photography is best discovered in your own language, which is why we offer tours taught by museum educators who are deaf themelves.

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Foam is the first museum in the Netherlands to regularly schedule tours in Dutch Sign Language (SLN).

During the tours in SLN you will view the current exhibitions in a group of at most 15 people. Our deaf museum educator will ask you questions, challenging you to really look closely at the work. The tour in SLN at Foam offers a unique way for the deaf and hard of hearing to discuss photography in their own language.

Tour in Dutch Sign Language at Foam, 2016 © Daniel Lewensztain

Are you a sign language translator and interested to participate in the Sign language tour? You are more than welcome. Sign up and leave us a note in the remarks field. Tickets for the non-hearing impaired are limited.

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Free tour in Dutch sign language