Book presentation Karianne Bueno
Doug's Cabin, the new publication by photographer Karianne Bueno, takes the reader into the jungle. On Friday evening 8 March she will present her book at Foam Editions.

Wandering through the forest and through time questions come to mind. How do we relate to wild nature? Is life as feasible as we believe? And what if we are no longer there?
Doug's Cabin comprises of over 60 photographs, diary fragments, letters, facts, drawings and archival material.

For over 47 years Doug has been living on his primitive campsite deep in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. This forest is loaded with history: countless pioneers have unsuccessfully tried to build an existence here and Doug's campground is strewn with remnants of a military radar base, once built here to protect America from Soviet missiles. Doug, who had his best years on the base, is the last resident and is holding on to the past, while the forest slowly takes over the campsite.

Doug's Cabin © Karianne Bueno (detail)

During the festive presentation on 8 March, Karianne will recite some personal texts from the book. In addition, a number of special prints are presented.

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Book presentation Karianne Bueno