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Workshop series In Limbo

What happens when young adults find themselves in-between? Foam offers a workshop series in which the state of the in-between is researched by using the work of contemporary artists and photographers as a starting point.

About the workshop series

In this (online) workshop series, young adults are challenged to take a position against societal questions. Between the ages of 16 and 19, they are at the beginning of their adult life and are slowly being called upon to make a contribution to society.

Set-up & themes

Each workshop starts with a 10 minute introduction and evaluation of assignments. Then, the photographers for that workshop are introduced and discussed (20 min), followed by a new assignment (10 min). The workshop ends with a 5 minute roundup. All students pick 1 assignment (within a choice of 2 or 3) that they will work on at home, which takes 45 to 60 minutes.

  • workshop 1: Identity

  • workshop 2: Migration

  • workshop 3: Sustainability

  • workshop 4: Presentations and roundup

Learning goals

  • Interpreting societal themes by discussing professional contemporary photographers
  • Learning and making use of basic elements in photography
  • Reflect on societal choices by making creative assignments
  • Reflect on your own work and that of others
  • Present your most important opinions gained during the series

Questions or special requests?

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