From the series Encounter C Silvia Rosi courtesy of the artist

Favourite Shot

Step into the shoes of a photographer: if you were to take a photo of your most favourite person on the planet, how would you approach it? This workshop focuses on photography, the portrait, photographic image aspects and context.

About the workshop

During this four-part workshop, students will be introduced to the different photographic aspects of the portrait and learn about the cultural and societal context of photography. By referencing the work of young photographers from , students will start working on a photography assignment. A professional museum teacher will bring an (online) visit to the classroom to evaluate the assignment.

The workshop Favourite Shot starts at school with a preparatory class given by the class teacher. In this class, students will be introduced to the photographic image aspects. Afterwards, the class students will view the online exhibition Foam Talent 2021 during which they complete the different assignments. During the (online) exhibition visit, the student takes on the role of both spectator and curator. After the visit, they will be prepared to start the home assignment as a photographer.

This workshop consists of four parts: a preparative class, an (online) museum visit to Foam, an individual photography assignment and an evaluation. When booking this programme, it will be agreed upon when the museum teacher will come to class to collectively reflect on the photography assignment. It is also possible to book the preparatory class to be given by the same museum teacher.

Learning goals

  • The participant will start working with the tools of the photographer and deals with the photographic aspects (framing/crop, composition, subject, point-of-view and focus)
  • The participant can place a photo in a cultural and museum context
  • The participant gets introduced to the term ‘portrait’ and how this term has different application forms
  • The participant applies the photography aspects to the assignment and evaluates together with the group.

The learning goals of Favourite Shot are consistent with the objectives artistic orientation (objectives 48-50) and are cross-curricular with the subject Dutch (objectives 1 and 5-7).

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