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Workshop series Identity

In this workshop series, students investigate the roles they play in their lives. Who are you as a sister, brother, daughter, or friend to others? What do and don’t you show to the outside world? In what way is social media part of your identity?

About the workshop series

In three workshops, the museum teacher will guide the students in finding out the roles they play in their environment. Together, they research how photography is a part of these roles and if social media enhances the use of photography. By the work and statements of professional photographers, students will formulate their own societal statements. During the third workshop, they will present this statement, together with a personal image story.

Workshop overview

Workshop 1: Introduction of the theme, tour in Foam, taking portraits of each other as if it would be for a social media platform;

Workshop 2: Make a personal statement by the use of photographers like Tyler Mitchell, Diane Arbus e.o. Do research in your own photo archive, select photos that are close to your identity;

Workshop 3: Take portraits of each other in one of the roles you have in life that you prefer the most. Put together your printed image story and personal statement and present them in front of each other.

Learning goals

  • The participant can explain how the work of a photographer links to their own life and experiences
  • The participant can describe a personal statement by looking at photographs of professional photographers and their own photo archive
  • The participant can place oneself in the role of photographer en portrays other students based on a personal story
  • The participant presents their own statement together with a printed image story of their own photographs and selected images

This series is developed in collaboration with ROC van Amsterdam and Mediacollege Amsterdam

The development of this series is made possible by Fonds 21 and Lerak Foundation

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